First Home, the 2001 Hylas 54, has sold. She has been through several owners and unfortunately was neglected over the past few years. Hylas Yachts are built with exceptionally strong bones so her new owner will be able to bring this boat back to top condition. Before he even closed on First Home he began to dismantle and upgrade the boat. Today there are fewer people who would be willing to take on such a project. This Hylas 54 will be one of the nicest in the fleet once her new owner completes this extensive project. First Home will once again be able to live up to her name.  

March 12th, 2015
2001 Hylas 54 First Home Sold





Yellow Shoes a 2006 Hylas 54 is the most recent of these world-class yachts to sell. She is well equipped and was truly enjoyed by her first owner. He is very pleased to see her go to people who will continue to care for her the way he did. The couple who purchased this Hylas 54 have plans to cruise New England this summer and further in the winter. They have an ambitious schedule and the choice to purchase this Hylas 54 will prove to be a good one. We will keep in close touch with these owners and continue to assist them with their Hylas 54 as long as possible. 

March 11th, 2015
Hylas 54 Yellow Shoes Sold



The beautiful HR 46, Impromptu has sold. This one owner boat has delivered in top condition to her new owners. They plan to sail her on the Great Lakes for a few years before heading back to sea. The sellers of what was the nicest 46 on the market enjoyed her since they purchased her new directly from Hallberg Rassy. They are the best type of people to purchase a yacht from as the lavished care on this terrific world cruising vessel. We expect that this Hallberg Rassy will continue to see top quality care after her new owners truck her to the Lakes. 

March 6th, 2015
Hallberg Rassy 46 Impromptu Sold



One of the most well cared for, designed and built sailboats is available now in Fort Lauderdale. Last week she arrived in town and lives up to everything that has been said or written about this gem. Viatrix is seriously for sale and in as good condition as any vessel on the market today. The next owner of this boat will benefit greatly because her original owners take pride in their boat and her performance. Available for immediate viewing in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. To see more information on Viatrix, click the following link.



December 29, 2014
Sparkman and Stephens 40 in Fort Lauderdale



Please take some time to go through Las Olas Yacht Group's new website. Our innovative and quality marketing is evident throughout the new site. We offer the most personal and best service to buyers. We travel to any location with prospective buyers and continue to provide service when they become new owners. There is no company in our market that works as hard for people selling their yachts. We write complete websites, take professional photographs, and complete direct marketing for every listing we have. This "above and beyond" approach to yacht sales has helped Las Olas Yacht Group grow into one of the most complete yacht brokerages in Fort Lauderdale. As we expand our site more and include detailed information on how we work to sell your boat or how we assist buyers we will send updates. We are looking forward to closing out the year on a positive note and very excited about 2015.  

December 3, 2014
Las Olas Yacht Group's New Website



The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show opened the gates today. With another perfect South Florida weekend ahead the show looks to have record attendance. Las Olas Yacht Group will be available to clients all weekend and team members will spend time at the show. Showings times available on many of the finest sailing yachts in Fort Lauderdale during or after show hours. Call or stop by the office throughout the weekend. 

October 30, 2014
Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show



Las Olas Yacht Group will be aboard the 2006 Hylas 54 Yellow Shoes at the Annapolis Boat Show from October 9th to the 13.  Take the water taxi to Brokerage Cove to get a first hand look that this outstanding Hylas 54.

October 9, 2014
"Yellow Shoes" at the Annapolis Boat Show



Las Olas Yacht Group will be at the U.S Sailboat Show in Anapolis, Maryland from October 9th to 13th. Stop by and see the boats we have on display!

October 9, 2014
LOYG at the Annapolis Boat Show



The Las Olas Yacht Group was the listing & sales agent for Mystical Traveler.  The new owners discovered this fine sailing yacht in our Hylas Yacht Collection web site (

September 8, 2014
2009 Hylas 54 "Mystical Traveler" is sold


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